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World Mom 2015 Book40


World Mom
♥ “Mom for the heart of special children

Mom who gives, great honor, infinity giver” ♥

∞ Infinity Give’s …. ∞


Madam Mom Dr.Tonboon Visaka, was born from merit descendant from many generations, her  grandmother had background in  donating land to build temples and many merit making places including Prathatpanom also. From wealthy life and enjoying travelling  in merit making, giver always (according to her parents who perform as example)in wild forest temple built for  Dhamma merit making, restoring  old abandoned temple that were deteriorated to be rebuilt ,in many provinces such as in the north, I-san, south, west and east part of Thailand. Meeting with many people including children, orphans, elderly, crippled, inferiority, in all opportunity that are in trouble…hard, poor, both domestic and overseas are her habit.


These activities are  Madam Mae inspiration to help human being in the world….the whole  society  more and more, and corporates  TONBOON  VISAKA  FOUNDATION by her name to all who followed in merit making by faith with herself, to build permanent object in the temple  such as Buddha, bell hall, hall, toilet room, artesian well, etc. Madam mom will commemorate your name always  (she believed that water donation will be immortal richness) and the name of TONBOON  VISAKA  FOUNDATION  will commemorate  into Buddhism history that Buddhist should worship and respect. … for merit making, sample of goodness, which  the later generation will follow the sample forever.



Madam Mom Dr.Tonboon Visaka, was the host of ordain Mr.Sompong, the president of association of friendship for society,(merit taxi group… group under Delimirror newspaper new)


Madam Mom Dr.Tonboon Visaka, had ceremony of hair cut to ordain Sompong and friends who ordained together on 4 February 2016.





On 16 February 2016, Pra Sompong came from India to take picture

with Madam Mom Dr.Tonboon Visaka.

Madam Mom Dr.Tonboon Visaka is a sample of goodness  to all children to perform by superb intention.   Madam Mom was a beauty woman in heart, and physical, tall with impressed  smile, kind and mercy to all her followers  and general people..… prominent characteristic  of  inside aura. …wherever she went, in all society, she also had prominent  symbol  in herself, she will wear white dress, with smile, beautiful characteristic as angel to this world.…   she will smile to everyone in cheerful eyes, and mercy …..   She was famous for Buddhism both domestic and overseas, and good heart, all day having to give and donate, never denying anyone. Not surprisingly, all generation will see her picture in many medias to give merit, food to orphan places, elderly homes, crippled. The foundation give to crippled about 2,000 persons, Kun Pum foundation in Dindaeng 1,600 persons, and  every month gave lunch, and also at Women home crippled Rajawadee of intellectual-brain (Pakkret), with policy of foundation to give free drink for elderly who aged more than 66 years that has ID.card showing  will get 12 bottles per month, for charitable organization, school and association or temples that has ceremony we will give 1,000 pack of drinks per one time., others will forest temple,…  moral places not except in wilderness because she believed in water giving is very rich forever .Some image she will feed food to crippled with smile and friendly, not selfishness with fresh smile intentionally.


Madam Mom is very happy woman every time she gives to children, elderly, poverty, crippled, and interiority, and she said  people should share what we have to human being on earth who are poverty, and inferiority,…. When we were born human we should create and accumulate  merit, donation, good deed and bad deed are true,!!!! …“what we share, the result is that what we give …. Merit gives merit, and can create by ourselves.”)

Madam Mom Dr.Tonboon Visaka is a giver…. Always giver… mother who sacrifice, who is mercy and kind and forgive to all children, without envy, revenge to anyone, her heart is higher than to explain.…..until she was exalted from her followers (crippled, inferiority) ”  she  Madam Mom Dr.Tonboon Visaka are “WORLD MOM” (Mom in the heart of special followers, crippled and inferiorities  …… some gave her  MOTHER ANGEL  (mother angel, who was kind, a giver, with give….of mom is INFINITY………it is the word of all crippled and inferiority who praise her angel (who was patronage crippled association of them …… they will recognize this name all of their  lives. ………)



We , her followers wanted to pray in all her good deed that Madam Mom, our kind angel in our heart, who give donation, mom…was our loving mom and many disciples in the world…may  she be blessed…and say amen.……. 

From  our heart …. Our followers who love and respect in faith Of Mom who is a founder of TONBOON  VISAKA  FOUNDATION

History of Tonboon Visaka Foundation

World Mom 2015 Book40

Dr.Tonboon Visaka Amatasettee, her kindness heart, mercy, like to give, donate as a giver…… she liked to travel, seek merit making all Asia, and Europe, to seek people’s life both rich and poor in many countries, including saw children, elderly, inferiority life and help the world human beings…..

She is a founder of building temples, Buddha construction to people to worship and respect, built toilet, hall, artesian pond, to temples and merit places, built library, learning instruments, sport, computer, give scholarship, etc. for social more…inspired her children and disciples to build this foundation and Dr.Tonboon Visaka as the president.

Mr.Chedtha P.Siaotong   (her son) Vice President of Foundation, graduated from Master degree in Japan, owner of Delimirror newspaper, printing also having movable property, kind and mercy to neighbors, friends, animals more than 20 animals. Any time he met wild dogs injured, he will heal them, and took them for a treatment, having places for animals care, by many people helping, giving  food, clothes, during winter in Lei, Udon, Nongkai,  Isan that are very dried areas, help the poor, children and inferiority.

Mrs.Petcharat  Trirat , secretary and treasurer in the foundation

Being owner of beauty salon business, and cosmetics, having good heart, mercy , help cats and dogs more than 30 animals, living together separately, during winter she will take family, and friends for charity, for example food, rice, dried food, canned food, costumes, medicine to the poor, elderlies, mountain people, in Chiangmai,  Chiangrai in wilderness every year.


1.to create and support Buddhist  religion.

2. promote education to good learning students but poor, sport, culture etc.

3.contribute food and give clothes, factors, to all elderly, crippled, inferiority

4.contribute and support all organizations for charity, all public benefit

5.not concerning with  all political activities.


Person who want to join in charity can contact at :

Donated by:

KBank  Praditmanutum branch

Saving account No. 613-1 01646-6

Current account No. 613-1-01596-6

Account name Tonboon Visaka Foundation

Swift code : Kasithbk


Bank of Sriayudhya Lat Phrao 102

Saving account No. 169 1 77958 5

Account name: Tonboon Visaka Foundation

Swift code : Ayudthbk

Krungthai Bank Lat Phrao 102 branch

Saving account No. 169 0 40001 7

A/c name: Tonboon Visaka foundation

Swift code: KRTH THBK


Bangkok Bank The Crystal branch

Saving account No. 906 0 16356 6

Current account No. 906 3 01272 9

A/c name: Tonboon Visaka Foundation

Swift code: BKKBTHBK


Thai Military bank Phaholyothin branch

Saving account No. 001 9 38222 5

Name: Tonboon Visaka Foundation

Swift code: TMBBKTH

Bank code 001


Thanachart Bank Lat Phrao 80 branch

Saving account No. 272 6 04294 2

Current account No.272 3 00762 6

Swift code: THBKTHBK

Bank code 272

A/C Name Tonboon Visaka Foundation


Activity of the year awards are:

Besides  these objectives, for inspiration of all men and women, both domestic and overseas who sacrifice for most social, we want to give reward to be awarded  and help persons  who are useful to society both domestic and overseas, who sacrifice to others, these rewards are public rewards such as :

  1. March awards of the year, give Social & human development Award, for giving to all reporters, medias, producers, persons related after movie, drama, documentary etc.
  2. In May gives Asia culture &education Award,  Asia society Award, Asia Economic Development  Award, World leader in communication Technology and Networking Development  Award, to merchants, businessmen, leaders of countries, managers who are success in all branches of the world in administration such as good products, in social and all the world.
  3. In the middle of August, of every year, will be awarded to women who are sacrifice, giver, to society, never tired, to praise, and exalt women in public award, .”World Mom Awards” or , International mother idol Award to women, ordained, Nun both domestic and overseas.
  4. In the middle of December of the year will be awarded to men or fathers who are good deed who sacrifice to social and nation, including ordain, monk domestic and overseas (World Dad Awards) to praise men’s honors who are father as public  award to all men around the world.

Remarks: Tonboon Visaka foundation will give reward to all honorably persons….. as alliances Delimirror Newspaper New ,which are famous and being medias to society more than 40 years by leading of Madam Mom Dr.Tonboon Visaka.

The foundation will have activity to give free lunch  and  scholarship to children, poverty, elderly in Patumthani, and Ban Rajavadee men and women, elderly home in Klong 5, Tunyaburi,Patumthani, elderly home in Lopburi province, Pranakorn crippled association and many others associations.

Every month we will have schedules  for donation  through the year.

The foundation is the patronage to all associations for crippled, in Bangkok who have more than 2,000 members.



Tonboon Visaka foundation No.2623

Tax payer No. 0993000351720

Registration  date  23 December 2015


website: https://www.tonboon.or.th

facebook : facebook.com/tonboon66


Tel.. +(662)-530-3566 , 096- 881-9886, fax.: 02-530-3896


Madam Mom Dr.Tonboon Visaa took picture with Hongyok, her followers who have same faith and followed  her in every areas…


“Merit Dhamma save the world”


We  never turn a needy  disable person’s child Away!!!!

Gives Good  life  changing support to over 1,000,000  underprivileged and disabled old and young people in Thailand etc ……..

Our foundation created future world to the children, crippled, inferiority more than million people.



Please… give as much as you can to help a Needy persons

People who are kind to donate future to children, elderly, crippled, inferiority are part of her activity  to help..

Feast food to crippled in Ban Rajawadee on  date 28 December 2015


Feast food to crippled in Ban Rajawadee on  date 28 December 2015


Madam Mom Dr.Tonboon Visaka with director of Special Education Center Bangkok Dindaeng (Kun Pum) foundation feast.

REACH OUT  to the  poor  and  Extend  your hand’s to the needy

Give the contribution, mercy donation money to the crippled, inferiority children


Madam Mom Dr.Tonboon Visaka, president of association Bangkok crippled gave a feast New Year with the gifts to crippled in association by Mr.Apidet Dechawatanasakul, mayor of association welcomed her on 26 December 2015.


Madam Mom Dr.Tonboon Visaka and Kun Noi, owner of big shopping mall from Krabi and America to join with merit making of food to the poor

Ban Rajawadee Pakkret on 28 December 2015.


Each  Bank Note (coin) your drop will   bless

Someone  else’s good  life….

Every banknote, of your  donation  are worthy  to the poor and inferiority life.


Madam Dr.Tonboon Visaka, joined with Mayor Pailin Toim, –  Foodpanda  shop, Markthawin  joined with host in lunch food of Ban Rajawadee on 28 December 2015.


Pol.Sub.Lt. Virat – mayor Pailin Toim gave useful public utility to elderly in Tanamoi Muanghuk


Your love gift”s  …. INFINITY ……

Value to the poor children and disable persons

Help mercy to children, elderly crippled are worthy things. !!!!

The word give is infinity.


Madam Dr.Tonboon Visaka and Major Charan , manager of Delimirror newspaper and military army participated for the feast to Elderlies in Lopburi in 4 January 2016


Madam Mom feast elderlies in Lopburi on 4th January 2016.


The private organizations who participate  with  Tonboon Visaka Foundation:

–  Mark Thawin institute(   Mark Tawin Ultimate Hair solution)  ( markthawin9)

–  New Delimirror www.delimirrornew.co.th

–  Walk on Wood      

–  k9business k9business.com


The organization that we help:

–  Center of special central education Dindaeng

–  BDPA (Bangkok’s Disability Persons Association)


World leader in communication technology and networking Development Awards